Sali-Wyn Ryan is a Violinist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Since graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1999 she has led a varied and exciting musical career, combining orchestral, chamber and solo work which has taken her all over the world.


Sali is a highly active member of the RPO education and learning department, ‘Resound’ and frequently works alongside creative workshop leaders to develop new ways of accessing music. Most recently she has been involved in a pioneering stroke rehabilitation programme, working with patients and therapists in the North of England. Sali believes passionately in the importance of creating inclusive and diverse organisations which is illustrated by her extensive experience with outreach projects.

Alongside her career as a violinist, Sali-Wyn was, for many years a part-time Music Producer for Classic FM where she worked closely with many presenters. She has assisted in providing musicians and creating events for several organisations, including collaborations with Sky Arts, Classic FM, Mazda, Airbnb, Great Western Railways and Battersea Dogs Home. In 2012 she organised a large Flashmob event to celebrate Classic FM’s 20th Birthday.

In 2016, Sali founded ‘Classical PopUps’ which is an exciting initiative with a simple concept: exceptional musicians performing in convivial surroundings. They are enjoying great success and have already teamed up with several artists, venues and promoters to create one off experiences for audiences. Sali runs the ensemble, designs the website, manages all finances and events, and liaises with venues.

Despite the challenges of 2020, Sali successfully forged new working relationships in her local community and continued to create collaborative events, enabling people to have access to live music. She, along with several musicians, played for donations at Beckenham Place Park, helping to solidify her existing relationship with the venue.






The Classical Yard’ was launched at Beckenham Place, in partnership with Neal’s Yard Remedies and was an immediate success.




“Step into the Classical Yard for an hour of relaxation, well-being exploration and live music. Neil’s Yard Remedies Organic consultant, Jane Aebi, teams up with musicians from Classical PopUps to create the perfect post-lockdown experience.


We’ll be talking about relaxing and mood-boosting products from the fabulous Neil’s Yard Remedies Organic range, different forms of well-being and how the power of music can lift our spirits during these stressful times.

You’ll be able to try out some mini samples whilst learning a little bit about how to use various balms, salves, oils and lotions. We may even throw in a delicious herbal tea! We’ll chat about inner well being and how all of our senses respond to being nourished; you’ll be able to sample some Frankincense hand serum, a warming salve and a choice of essential oils. You’ll hear about the beliefs and innovative creation behind Neil’s Yard Remedies and all the benefits of using natural, organic ingredients. Gorgeous live music from the musicians of Classical PopUps will accompany and complement each little product you sample, carefully chosen to suit the relaxing setting! Sali, Director of Classical PopUps, will chat about the interesting correlation between music and well-being, and how relevant this seems, especially now. All musicians are professional, locally based performers.”

“We had a truly magical time”

“The most delightful afternoon I’ve had in a long time”









Sali also reached out to South London charity, Bromley Living Well, teaming up with local residents at Holy Trinity Church in Penge, and providing live music at the local food bank. The church is now developing as a regular concert venue, including streamed events and work with the community choir.




As a direct result of the Pandemic, Sali decided to start a Crowdfunding project, called P£RFORM (link to video) to create work and fees for out of work musicians - alongside fundraising at the church, over £3000 was raised for live performances in the community.